Young's Market Company

Young's Market Company is a premier wholesaler and distributor of fine wine, spirits, and beverages. Rossi Labs provided Young's Market Company with the data management and integration services they needed, to comply to the new ACA healthcare mandate.

According to the Affordable Care Act's new compliance mandate, companies who employ over 50 full-time employees are required to provide affordable healthcare.

Inventory Check

Rossi Labs in partnership with InventoryCheck, LLC has built a multi-vendor marketplace for the food service industry. Rossi Labs utilized CS-CART as a starting point and customized the platform to meet the customers requirements.


Valor Connect is a mobile app which offers a cutting-edge new approach to finding and connecting with alumni and mentor students by joining your alma mater's community.


123videoads provides a platform for the quick and easy creation and management of video ads. Available as a stand alone service via the public site or as an add-on to the WIX community of web sites.